Monday, December 30, 2019

Years, Stats, Data, Numbers, and Figures...

I hear numbers are good. In the age of streaming numbers are everything. This month I took a look at my streaming numbers for last year, and it's pretty interesting what I discovered. Knowing that I have nearly 30k monthly listeners changes how I view myself. How I view my art. How I view success as an independent artist. My critiques will cry: "No one knows who you are!"

That's a lot of Greydon Square. lol. 90K hours? That seems impossible. But so does everything else on this list. My top streaming songs are not what I expected them to be. Let's go through the list shall we...

"Omniverse" is finally getting it's just due. When i first released Type 3, Omniverse was the first song I released as a single. Initially the response was NOT great. I was accused of stringing complex words together with no method or meaning. To see it among my top streamed songs, is actually quite cool.


"Stockholm Syndrome" is a usual suspect when it comes to popular songs of mine. There will always be newly de-converted theists so there will always be new people introduced to my music through that subject matter.

I didn't expect "Dopamine Notes" to still be getting ht spin it's getting, but that's pretty awesome too. I'm a big fan of Type 2, so the fact that there are those who keep it in rotation makes me smile. It also makes me want to make more music similar to the sound of Mandelbrot Set.


I also think it's interesting that I only have ONE feature song, in that list of top streams. "Broken Symmetry" with myself and Tombstone da Deadman is probably my most popular feature song. Good news to those who are interested in more work coming from Extropy & Entropy, we are finishing up Issue 0 of the E&E comic and that should be out later this year.

I would include other numbers from other sites here, but to be honest, you guys(and gals) get the gist. I just wanted to give a little insight as to who is listening and how much they are. Specifically WHERE in the world people listen.

This is insane to look at. 6.31 MILLION streams since JUST 2015??? Someone wake me up! If you would have told me that I would put up numbers like this 14 years ago, I'd have called you a liar. Or at least Its as if someone gave me my childhood dream as a consolation for the childhood that incubated it. To see it a reality is another thing entirely.

From the ages of 18-35 I'm in. I'd like to think it has something to do with not speaking down to my audience, but who knows. 13% Female over the last 28 days is interesting, but I wish a greater period of time was allowed to be scene. Unfortunately, this is all they gave me.


A new year is upon us. I guess this is a great time to either start over or begin again. That's what I plan on doing. Beginning again. See, I remember this feeling, this hunger, this drive, to prove myself one of the all time greats to ever pick up a microphone. To ever make music. I remember slaving over rhyme schemes, thinking that this would be the bar all emcees would be judged by. Sadly the future had a much more cynical sense of humor. This wasn't all bad though. In pursuing this notion of "great", I was able to better understand my role and place in the producer-consumer dynamic I've been apart of for nearly 15 years now.

14 Years

A lot has happened in 14 years. Creatively I've achieved most of what I set out to achieve. Intellectually I was able to set myself apart from mainstream hip hop while making sure I could actually make a living going my own way. And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what I did. I went my own way from hip hop. If hip hop wasn't going to be a place open to scientific and philosophical discussions, then i would just create my own community where those of like mind CAN have those conversations. This became Grand Unified. The creative collective spanning countries and continents. Systems and galaxies.


The early days of YouTube and my music career. In this period I was very much heavily referencing my newly discovered atheism as well as coming to terms with some of the things I was apart of serving in the second Iraq war. I would later cover growing up in an abusive foster care system as well as the cultural consequences of questioning the prevailing narrative produced by Christianity and Islam. The Compton Effect and The CPT Theorem were released within 2 years of each other. I was performing all over the country and even different parts of the world. The REASON RALLY took place. I met some of the great thinkers, movers, and shakers in the space. Penn Jillette, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali to name a few. I also found myself still getting into trouble during this time. I had a couple of run-ins with the law. Dropped out of college. Was on CBC's The National. Dundas Square. Radio Debates. Youtube series. Life was pretty insane during this period.

"What an amazing distance, orphan to artist rappin.
Started off an enlisted, now I’m a Starship Captain" - Far Beyond The Bars


Though I was dealing with a lot of personal(death of a former fiance) and legal issues (fight in DC), my music was making waves. I started making the podcast rounds. Skeptics Guide to the Universe, The Atheist Experience to name a couple. However the damage had essentially already been done. With the incident in DC, I started to notice a chilling effect. No more emails. No more calls. No more invites. It all dwindled down to a couple of appearances here or there but then, nothing.

In 2009 I started to consider another approach. If it wasn't going to be about atheism, then I would shift my focus to more science and technology related topics. There were no other emcees going anywhere NEAR those topics because most simply weren't educated enough to talk about them. I started to consider how far out this technological progress could be extrapolated to. I discovered trans-humanism. I discovered Extropianism. I discovered The Kardashev Scale.

This became my new focus. My new creative purpose. To share this through my creativity. Through my music. The Kardashev Scale album wasn't originally known as "Type 1". I retconned it so that everyone believes it to be so, but originally it was just called The Kardashev Scale. It wasn't until The Mandelbrot Set album I thought about referring to TKS as "Type 1". This is important, because it sets the creative and structural tone of how the albums would be sequentially released from here on out. Type 2 had to surpass Type 1. So it couldn't be just 1 disc. It had to be 2. And then of course, Omniverse/Aum-niverse HAD to be 3 discs, and HAD to be a numerically symmetrical compliment to type 2.

Type 1 - 18 songs
Type 2 - 22 songs
Type 3 - 30 songs

You can see where we are going with this right?

"Nice board, i think I’ll explore it on the knight’s tour,
with a light sword, on my way to type 4" - Star Breaker

How to approach Type 4
If Type 4 was to eclipse Omniverse, there would have to be nearly as many songs on IT, as there had been throughout the entire Kardashev age to date. Nearly. I wont do 70 songs. I wont sit on 70 songs. That's impossible.

However, what if there was another number that made sense? What if I eclipsed Type 3's song count entirely with Type 4? There's a number I've always flirted with. A number I've always enjoyed exploring.


Why 64? Because I love chess.

There are 64 spaces on a standard regulation 8x8 chessboard.

Type 4 will represent each creatively square on the chessboard. It will traverse the "Knight's Tour".

This is Type 4
City on the Type of Forever (2020)
Last of the Rhyme Lords (2021)
Tour of the Orphaned Knight (2021)
Iron Star Era (2022)

Each will have 16 songs.

Starting every 3 months 1/4th of the album of that sequence will be released. This will be a seasonal release schedule. 4 songs. Quarterly. For the next 4 years.

This is much more difficult that what I did with Omniverse/Aum-niverse. That was 30 tracks in 3 years.

I will announce a date for the first 4 songs of City on the Type of Forever on my next blog post.

Continuing the conversation
If you're interested in continuing this conversation or have any questions about the new projects, join me live on my youtube channel where I stream daily.

If you're on discord, join me as well as the rest of the Grand Unified Community there as well.

I want to wish everyone a fantastic New Years! I'll probably be back online around New Years eve, but if you're in the discord, I'm not hard to reach.

Peace peace,

Greydon Square
Grand Unified

Monday, December 16, 2019

Final Weeks of 2019... Here's where we are.






Big "mainstream" things in the works...

If you could call it that. Actually I'll be honest, you could. You can. You will. I can't say too much at present, but one of the biggest opportunities I've ever been presented with has a good likelihood of passing true provided there are no major issues with funding. And from the network involved, I don't think funding will be an issue. I wish I could say more, but I'll have to wait until something more concrete develops to report. 

A Unified Album
Myself, Tombstone da Deadman, and Sai Phi are just starting to work on the official GU album starting with a Unified Federation Star Citizen theme song. We figured instead of doing a Star Citizen themed album, we would just roll the Star Citizen songs we were working on over to the GU main album. There will be many familiar faces. From Syqnys, to Gifted Anomaly. Many familiar topics. From atheism to politics. I've always wanted to do a GU album, and I'm glad I didn't do one back then because I'm sure all of the references and material would have seemed extremely dated by now.

Spotify Playlists
I've discovered I really enjoy making music playlists on spotify. For instance, check this out:

I took songs from GU artist all over spotify and threw them into one mass playlist. I'm going to create others as well. Other genres. Hell, I've already started my country western bluegrass playlist, so best believe others are coming. Why is this important? Because you can show people what your musical tastes are across genres. I love all different types of music. This is my ability to show them by creating playlists of different lengths and themes. I'll work on getting more GU artists Spotify, for now hopefully this playlist allows Spotify users have something a little official.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
A side note here, the new COD game is pretty legit. I really enjoy it. I haven't even thought about Battlefield since I got it. That's a bad sign for BF games at the moment. To me COD:MW is what BF should have been. Sure there's the occasional kill-streak you hate, but honestly if that's the worst of it, this is one of the best COD games I've ever played. Here's something that really insane, IT'S CROSS COMPATIBLE! Like, shit! That's hella dope. So now I get to play against people across consoles. From Xbox, to PlayStation. It's actually works quite well. Keyboard and mouse people are separated from gamepad users, and those who don't wish to participle in cross-platform gaming can just turn it off while still being able to choose between mouse/keyboard and gamepad. It's pretty sick.

If you want to game with me on there, my gamer tag to add me is

Extropy & Entropy
Progress is being made on issue #0. We needed to add a couple of pages in order to fit more of the story in, but it wont be an issue. I would think that we'd have something ready for you guys right before summer. At least that's the plan. The album? We don't plan on releasing the E&E album without the comic issue 0 being finished, so once that's finished, or near completed, you'll see us move into the mixing and mastering stages of the E&E album.

Unified Federation
More great things developing in the Unified Federation Star Citizen Exploration Fleet. We've finally started to round out as a crew. We've a got a full security department with an extremely competent Chief of Security. We've got an engineering department that's coming into it's own and a tactical bridge crew that's second to none. I'm not just blowing smoke either. In the past 2 weeks my guys once engaged in THREE simultaneous missions involving ship to ship combat operations, FPS CQC bunker clearing tasks on a completely different planet, while supporting a mining expedition headed by my engineering department on an adjacent moon. Literally doing these 3 missions at the same time. The following week, they simulated ground to ship boarding procedures successfully. These guys are the real deal and I'm extremely honored and privileged to lead this group in to the stars.

Star Trek
Star Trek alums had a pretty rough week. Rene Auberjoois famously known as Security Chief Odo on Deep Space Nine passed away last week along with the husband of Marina Sirtis. His name was Michael Lamper and he was apparently a guest actor on TNG when they met. I'm incredibly saddened to hear about both and my thoughts and condolences go out to each of their families.

Turns out we're getting a second season of Star Trek: Picard before we've even gotten a first one. I mean, seriously though, is there any doubt that this show is playing with house money? CBS would have to screw this up so monumentally bad in order to not get at least 5 seasons out of ST:P. I heard something about Michael Dorn turning down a role reprisal because the show-runners offered him too little salary. I hope this isn't true. This would be dumber than the OKC Thunder trading James Harden to the Rockets because they didn't want to "pay him". Pay the man! It's probably for one episode anyway, so why not pay him what he wants and give the fans what they want. If we're not going to get a Captain Worf show, then at least give us closure to the post DS9 Worf story line.

Our Discord Community
Trans-Intellectualism burns strong. Our discord is growing, and yet the temperament is still very upbeat and positive. I appreciate all of the interaction and activity within the server. I hope to also bring other GU members like Syqnys over to discord. So if you see him online, tell him to drop in and say what's up!

If you are interested in JOINING the GU discord
Click here
Be warned that it is heavily policed.

I want to wish everyone a happy Christmas Holiday, and an even greater New Year. I'll probably be back online around New Years eve, but if you're in the discord, I'm not hard to reach.

Peace peace,

Greydon Square
Grand Unified
Top Art by zbigniew boguslawski

Friday, November 29, 2019

A new year approaching, new material, and NEW music video

It's interesting how much time passes in such a short observational period. See, I should have been kept this blog if for nothing else, as a log for my inner thoughts. 2020 is approaching. So many things have changed in the last 5 years. I wont go into specifics just yet, but I dealt with a great depressive period right around the time I released Compton Scattering. This blog wont be about that, but we will revisit those years between 2013 - 2019 in future blogs and podcasts.

Right now....

Things are looking up. Today I'm working on a new album. Its called City on the Type of Forever. It will be the first of 4 albums based in the Iron Star Era known as Type 4. I wont lie to you, I'm not as far along on it as I'd like to be. Originally I planned on there being 64 songs on Type 4. After Omniverse however, I was burnt out. Imagining doing another 64 songs after just doing 30 was not even considerable. I changed the number to 10. My mind was fried. And to be honest, hip hop was changing.

I'm older.

Someone recently told me on a YouTube video of mine that they had been listening to me since they were in the 6th grade. He's now entering into his sophomore year of university. Back in 2012 when we all thought "Hope and Change" actually MEANT hope and change, I still hadn't quite "made it". Sure I was known in a small, niche community, but most people had no clue. Unfortunately for my visibility I actually preferred it this way. I liked NOT being known. Being able to say what I want without feeling like I couldn't walk outside, or get online was liberating. I had my 15 minutes of fame, trust me, it aint all that. Being famous is NOT actually what most creatives want. What we actually want, is the ability to be creative absent the pressure of external stressors.

I am now 38 years old. When I was coming up, my favorite emcees were already on the fringes of hip hop because of the anti intellectual nature of the culture at the time. NOW? LMAO

Don't even get me started.

So I had to accept that I would always be on that fringe, if not for content and subject matter, for style and delivery.

I can rap to anything. And I mean that. But sometimes it isn't about the actual "rap". Sometimes its about accessibility. For a long time, I had taken pride in being somewhat intellectually inaccessible to the average hip hop listener. I didn't want to be an easy listen. Intellectually, or emotionally. These days I've soften on that stance slightly. I can never NOT talk about science and technology. But what I can do is modernize the music to appeal to a more wider demographic without sacrificing quality of sound or content. What I can do is go back to the drawing board for new schemes and new stanzas to flip lyrically. What I can do is search high and low for the greatest thought provoking subjects and write entertaining songs about them. There's much cover and not nearly enough life to cover it in.

The Unified Federation

Oh shit. We did it gentlemen. We did it Tombstone! We did it Dabz! We actually built a digital space fleet complete with an efficient hierarchical command structure and a compartmentalized department focus from the ground up using nothing but pre-established science fiction lore and our wits! Think of us as Star Trek's Starfleet in a scarce dystopian hyper capitalistic 2050 galaxy complete with FTL travel and jump points. But don't don't listen to me, take it from this pretty commercial for the fleet's flagship "The Carrack":

 That beautiful piece of engineering will henceforth known as The Unified Federation Starship Carl Sagan. A deep space exploration vessel. The command and control center for our fleet. Since 2013 I along with all of my other nerd and geek friends (Sai Phi I'm looking at you! lol) waited for the game itself to become playable. A long road for sure. Lots of bugs and missed deadlines. Genuine concern over the fate of the project. I never lost faith in the project, because I never lost faith in the man. We have to remember that this is one man's dream. One man's vision. He ultimately will be judged on the success and failure this project. So it with him my faiths and confidences are placed. When it wavers, it will be because there is something in the man that is wavering. I don't think Chris Roberts will waver. 

If you would like more information about joining us in the Star Citizen universe BE WARNED:

a) You need a pretty powerful computer to run this game. You'll know if you can run it or not, if you don't know, you probably can't.

b) Use the fleet's referral code: STAR-FXL5-J7SB as it helps the very fleet your joining gain armor, vehicles and weapons. DOWNLOAD GAME HERE.

c) We are not a casual org. We are a hardcore role-playing rank structured organization with departments and focuses. If you are uninterested in referring to people by their rank, or in game character name while playing? This probably wouldn't be the organization to play with it. I mean you should by all means play the game, but we wouldn't be a good fit with us. Due to our size, we don't have much flexibility in this area.

A new video!!!

So I was checking twitter and a user by the name of @coffeenmusic sent me this video he made to the song "Omniverse". Not a new song, but this video is. Check it out. He did a great job in my opinion. Maybe he'll do one more for us. Maybe we can arrange a donation jar???

Our discord community.

So I want to take this time to thank the wonderful Grand Unified discord server. The conversation has been very respectful and trolls have quickly been called out and removed. The topics range from gaming to science. Music to futurism. Thank you those of you who are active in this community and continue to spread TxI across the globe.

If you are interested in JOINING the GU discord
Click here
Be warned that it is heavily policed.

I'm out of here guys. Next stream will be Sunday. Have a fantastic holiday and I will talk to you guys soon.

Peace peace,

Greydon Square

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Colorado legalization & Fan tattoos

Remember that song "Safety Dance"?

   Yea, so I had no idea what that song was about. Even worse, after seeing the video I'm even MORE confused about it now than before I started.

    Hope you guys are having a fantastic new year. The residents of Colorado are having an especially great time seeing as how they are finally being treated like adults. You see, Colorado became the first state in America to fully decriminalize and regulate the sale of marijuana. The state is even taxing it at an insane rate. Now, like I said on my podcast this past week, the media has been entertaining at covering the entire ordeal. From hosts acting like it was the end of American civilization, to anchors challenging prohibition outright, the response has been for the most part balanced. Fox news try to demonize it, other than them though, every one else seemed to be pretty reasonable. So this looks like the beginning of the end. Of marijuana prohibition. And that will probably be limited too, seeing as how Kentucky and Arkansas would be the last legalize. Either way, the cat's out the bag. We know now. Weed isn't going to bring down society, but that was never really a possibility. I think what those who were against it were so afraid of, is the perspective altering effect this would have on a larger scale. Not only would people NOT support blindly invading countries on sketchy and misrepresented premises, but they would also realize pretty quickly, that once again the government's official position to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 class narcotic is and always was complete bullshit not intended to do anything but tag political distention and use petty laws to target the poor and disenfranchised.

"There are an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1." - Scott Evans

      So I woke up to this yesterday: 

Yes I have crazy fans. Not crazy in a bad way, but damn I remember when i would hesitate to call them fans. I thought it was disrespectful or something. Now, fan is the ultimate respect. When someone says they are a fan of mine today, I don't cringe in my heart like I used to. Ok, back to the tattoo. This was pretty shocking. Amazing. Dope. Sick. Rubber helmet. I've run out of words to describe my surprise.

Until next time...

Captain Grey of the UFAE Carl Sagan